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Simple House Building / December 26, 2022

How long does it take to get a Houseplans Cost-to-Build Report?

Cost-to-Build Reports are typically emailed within 1 business day of the order being placed.

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Where does the home construction cost data used in these reports come from?

The construction cost data used in Houseplans Cost-to-Build Reports is compiled from real world market information supplied by industry professionals with resulting data currently produced for over 430 geographic and economic markets throughout the USA and Canada. Construction cost estimating industry leader Xactware compiles and provides this data using a team of construction analysts with over 175 years of combined experience in the construction industry. Additional information regarding the calculated construction costs is listed below:

Calculated costs include factors for all materials, labor, and equipment needed to construct the home according to national building codes plus any known adjustments required for seismic, wind, frost and snow-load conditions. Cost for permit fees, general contractor overhead and profit, and any applicable sales tax for your area are also factored into the total.

Costs are reflective of building the home on a relatively flat or gently sloping lot. Additional costs will need to be added to account for lots which slope greater than 15 degrees.

Certain assumptions are made of the quality and quantity of specific building materials found to be common for the type, style and size of the plan chosen. Custom additions or changes may not be reflected in this value if they fall outside of the standard practices for this type of construction.

Costs are based upon finishes and features outlined in the plan you have chosen, and the actual building of the home may increase or decrease these costs. We recommend a contingency amount of 10-15% be added to address these possibilities.

Our numbers are not based on national averages, and our reports are not "canned". Each estimate is made to order for the house plan, construction quality and postal code you choose.

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What items are included in a Cost-to-Build Report?

The construction materials, labor and overhead data in our reports are very comprehensive and include the items below. It's important to understand the quality of construction you choose can make the resultant report vary significantly. Be sure to check out the assumptions we make for the level of quality you choose when preparing your report.

Foundations: Concrete that is used for the footings, foundation walls, basement floor slab (if required), garage floor slab, as well as any concrete columns that may be required for post/pier foundations types.

Heating/AC: Includes furnace, central air conditioning unit, and all metal ductwork needed to provide hot and cold air for the entire home. The number of furnaces and air conditioning units is determined by the total square footage of the home.

Rough Framing: Wood framing used to build the structure of the home. This includes all walls, floor joists, and roof trusses. It also includes any plywood sheeting used on the top of roof trusses and floor joists, as well as outside of the exterior walls. Also includes any insulation in the walls and ceiling.

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