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Cost to Build a House in SC

Simple House Building / October 28, 2023

Unlike other builders, we include in our base price everything needed to build a home on a typical lot. Our standards are considered upgrades by other builders. We are proud to say that we offer the best value in Custom Home Building. Because each lot and location is different, lot specific items such as a well, septic system or lot clearing are not included in the base price, but are quoted specific to your property.

What is a perk test?

A perk test is done if you don't have access to public sewer and need a private septic system. It is a soil test that determines how many bedrooms are allowed in your home and where your new home can be built on the property. The perk test should be done before any land is purchased and can be coordinated by Magnolia Custom Homes for you convenience.

How long does it take to receive a home estimate?

Most of our clients receive a base price estimate within 48 hours. There is no corporate red tape since we are locally owned to determine a price which allows us to make decisions quickly.

We already have our own floor plan. Can you build it?

Unlike some builders that claim to be custom builders, we encourage you to bring in your own floor plans. If you haven't found that perfect floor plan but like different features of several plans, we have the ability to combine those unique elements that you have found into one floor plan. We also have access to floor plans that you can choose from and personalize for your needs.

Will I need to purchase home plans?

The cost of home plans and drafting is included for those that decide to build with us. We encourage you to bring in any ideas you have found from a magazine or website. This will help us better understand what you desire in your new home.

What kind of financing do you require to build on our lot?

Building on your lot requires either a cash contract or a construction loan. Our Preferred Lenders have great options available, and their rates are competitive. Our preferred lender can also combine your lot purchase/land pay off all into one loan. No down payment is required for qualified applicants.

Will I need to make monthly payments on my new house during construction?

Most other builders will require a construction loan where you make monthly payments for the entire time they have your house under construction. However, if you qualify, you will make no monthly payments until your home is completed. Think of the money you will save!

What is the cost per square foot?

Because each floor plan & home site is unique, the price per square foot can vary quite a bit. We have built homes as low as $59/square foot but have been as high as $125/square foot. Our pricing is very competitive in the marketplace due to our long standing relationships we have established with subcontractors and suppliers in the area.

What is the timeframe to build our home?

From the time construction begins and depending on the size of your home, it will generally take us approximately four to six months to complete your home. Some factors that can extend this time frame are weather, procurement times and building inspections. We understand that each client's personal circumstance is different and we can expedite certain aspects of the building process (without compromising quality) if that is what it takes to earn your business.

Do I need to own land before I visit Magnolia Custom Homes?

Absolutely not! We are skilled in providing you tips on what to look for and how to get the most for your money. Many problems can be avoided if you allow us to help you do your due diligence on a potential property you may be considering. We can help determine what land improvement costs will be incurred and possible building constraints on any property you are considering. With Scott being a licensed realtor, we have the ability to search all the land listings available in the Columbia marketplace. We can help expedite your land search and sell your existing home as well.

Where does Magnolia Custom Homes Build?

We can build custom homes within a 50-mile radius from Columbia, South Carolina. We are an on-your-lot custom homebuilder so we are not restricted to one type of setting to build your home. We can build anywhere where you want, whether that is in the suburbs, city or a rural location.

Can you help with Neighborhood (HOA) approvals?

Some neighborhoods or areas have certain design requirements that limit what type of home design can be built there. We can assist you in the process of getting your home approved for your property.

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