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Simple House Building / January 16, 2023

Four walls and a roof have been put up all in one day. It's a faster less expensive way of building homes that the builder says could have big impacts on how houses are built in a challenging and expensive resort community.

Matt Renoux, KUSA

(Photo: Matt Renoux)

BLUE RIVER, CO - In Blue River just south of Breckenridge Brian Wray, owner of Mountain Log Homes, has been building homes for decades.

“’I started my company in Summit County in 1988, ” said Wray.

All those homes and he’s still found a way to build a home that’s a first for him.

“First time I’ve done a prefab panel system, ” said Wray.

draft (Photo: Matt Renoux)

The prefab panel system allows Wray to get four walls and a roof put up in just a few days.

“it’s just the actual structure in a couple of days that would take several months otherwise, ” said Wray.

The way the homes are designed is a design to save time, work that would normally take 6 weeks here takes about 2 days and that saves money.

“We think it will save, probably 50 dollars a square foot, ” said Wray.

Most of the house, the walls and the staining are built in Montana where it cost less.

“It is less expensive than labor in Summit County, ” said Wray.

The pre-built parts of the house are brought to the lot where a crane helps put everything into place much faster.

A benefit in Summit County where the building season is often very short, contractors are in high demand and resort town prices can be high.

“In a resort community, resort wages it cost more money and now building materials are going up” said Wray.

Which for Brian and some home buyers makes the homes a good fit and why he says this may be the first panel house he’s ever done but it won’t be the last.

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