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Simple House Building / November 15, 2022

Armstrong Vs CompetitionAdditionally, Armstrong Steel uses higher quality paint – which explains our generous warranty – it’s a business decision. Armstrong Steel buildings are pre-galvanized so they last longer. And you should know, Armstrong Steel’s clips are pre-welded at the factory which prevents you from having to do additional field work.

The good news is that because Armstrong Steel delivers a considerable number of buildings every week, our volume, coupled with our extensive shipping network, allows us to deliver a higher quality building for less than you think. Often times we’re more affordable than other suppliers with lower quality components.

Erection of your steel building also comes with a cost. Contractors and finishers will cost money, no one works for free – except you. With some rudimentary construction knowledge and a desire to learn, you are going to shave additional dollars off your total cost by doing the majority of the work on your own. In the paragraph above, we were honest when we said we weren’t the ‘cheapest, ’ so consider the next statement equally as honest – it is likely you CAN erect your steel building on your own - or at least the majority of it.

But if you run into snags, have questions or issues, the project manager and detailer who worked with you in the beginning of this process are still at your disposal. We expect – in fact, we encourage – our new customers to call us from the field during the steel building erection process. The Armstrong team is prepared to offer tips and help you with questions.

But you want numbers – and as we mentioned from the beginning, there are many variables to consider but all things being equal, if you’re looking at a ballpark figure consider what an Armstrong Steel Building will likely cost: (prices are approximate)

  • $7-10/ sq ft (for a basic 4 wall gable style building)
  • 20%+ (depends on whether or not you are purchasing accessories at direct pricing and the types of accessories you choose)
  • $8+/sq ft (varies depending on soil types, geography, and square footage – also if specialized foundation additions are needed like a stem wall for a shop)
  • $10/ sq ft (which you can save if you opt to do it yourself)

A stand-alone, simple garage – 40 x 60 – 2400 sq. feet with no drywall but an exterior finish of faux brick might cost you:

Do it yourself construction – you’re looking at a brand new garage for less than $25-$30 per square feet – requiring little long term maintenance – which can be purchased and delivered in a couple months – and erected in several days.

Compare that to a traditional build with an Architect and a contractor crew which is going to cost you in the neighborhood of $120-$250 per square foot.

But in the spirit of true transparency, we want you to know there are other costs which you have to consider, costs which Armstrong does not control, but costs which you will have whether you choose steel or wood frame/brick and mortar buildings. Utilities, power, permits, and taxes will need to be factored in to your budget as well.

So the question Armstrong asks is why wouldn’t you choose steel? It’s versatile, it’s convenient to erect, it maintains its ‘shine’ well into the future, it requires little maintenance, it can be assembled in days or weeks rather than months - and it’s less than half the cost of traditionally built buildings.

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"Timing was an extremely important factor for us and we knew no one in America could get a steel building on site quicker than Armstrong Steel so the choice was easy. The quality of the building blew us away especially considering they had the lowest price."

— Adam J Waco TX

"I decided to go with Armstrong Steel to buy my 60' x 120' x 16'. I am very pleased with Armstrong Steel and would recommend them to anyone!"

— Jeff D Piasa IL

I felt that Armstrong really wanted to help me out, not just sell me something, and that meant a lot. From the moment I walked into Armstrong Steel, this place seemed like a big family and they were inviting me to be a part of it.”

— Dean D Glenwood Springs CO

"I cannot remember the last time that I received customer service like I have from Armstrong Steel. Everything went smoothly and you guys did everything we expected of you. We'd recommend Armstrong Steel to anyone building a manufacturing facility!"

— William B Georgetown DE

"Armstrong Steel was by far the best steel company to deal with. There was no high pressure sales, no nagging phone call. I just told them what I was looking for and they got back to me within 24 hours with a very competitively priced package."

— Brandon R Riverton WY

"The people putting up the building, Able Construction, said this is the best engineered building they have constructed and they have put up 150 to 200 buildings."

— Ed P. Pasadena TX

“You guys are unsung heroes. Not many people know what you are doing or how important it is. Once again, my thanks to you and the rest of the staff.”

— Bruce H Billings MT

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a job so well done! We would highly recommend you, your company, and all of your employees to anyone looking to purchase a steel building. It was a pleasure to work with you."

— Noel P Bastrop TX

"I was most impressed with the overall quality of the materials to be provided, the attention to detail by Armstrong engineers, and the design help provided. People who see the barn comment on the quality and appearance and ask me, 'who built your barn?'"

— Jim F Houston TX

"I am very satisfied and would use Armstrong again. Patco said they had never seen a building go together so well. They said 'it was clear the engineers spent a lot of time developing it.'"

— Derek L Woolwich ME

"I couldn't be happier with Armstrong Steel...they have been there for me every step of the way."

— Jean S Houlton WI

"We sent a deposit to a well-known company who we later learned had an established reputation for stealing people's deposits and not delivering buildings. Huge mistake. We never got our building and they still have our money. Our first call should have been Armstrong Steel."

— Loris Z Denver CO

"You folks are great, extremely willing to work with your customers and I would recommend you to anyone thinking of purchasing a steel building."

— Dr Jorge D Jamul CA

"I'm extremely pleased with the way my Armstrong building turned out. I rate this as an excellent building experience!"

— Al M Irma WI

"My contractor and I would recommend Armstrong Steel if you are considering a steel building for any of your needs."

— Richard N Attica KS

"The quality of my Armstrong Building was excellent. I recommend them for any steel building needs."

— Karla M Plainview TX

"We are so impressed with how sturdy our Armstrong Building is! We're really glad we didn't cut corners and went with Armstrong's commercial insulation package as it is staying quite warm in our building as temperatures begin to drop here in Salida, Colorado!"

— William K Salida CO

"I expected my Armstrong building to be high quality, but after actually unloading the building and seeing the structure, which went very well and with no damage, I was just really impressed."

— Rick D Reno NV

"My builder looked inside after completion and asked, 'Where did you get this building?!'. You guys hit a home run with your product. Thanks Armstrong!"

— Rory C Greer SC

Steel Building Resources

More information for people interested in a Steel Building and how Armstrong can help save them money.

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