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How to Build Foundation?

Foundation For A House / February 10, 2017

In the beginning of any self-improvement effort, it can be difficult to make lasting changes. You may go to the gym for a week and then stop. You might be productive for a few days, but start procrastinating when the motivation wears off. You may set a budget, only to overspend a month later.

To prevent this from happening you have to build a foundation for self-improvement. Just like you must create a level foundation before building a house, you must set a level foundation before taking on larger self-improvement goals.

Investing in a Foundation

When I started getting seriously involved in personal development several years ago, I spent the first 8-12 months creating a foundation. This foundation consisted of habits and skills that supported further personal development efforts. Now, with every new goal I set, I already have a solid support infrastructure to lighten the burden.

Spending almost a year building a foundation might seem excessive. I’m not suggesting you put off all other self-improvement efforts until the foundation is complete, just that you make it your primary focus. In the long-run, investing one year building a foundation is minimal considering the tremendous impact it can have in your ability to improve other areas.

Structuring Your Foundation

I’ve found the most useful foundation consists of improvement in three areas:

  1. Getting Organized
  2. Daily Routines
  3. Physical Health

If you are surrounded by clutter, both physically and mentally, every goal will be much harder. Disorganization in your environment creates disorganization in your thinking. Clear, focused thinking a necessary attribute for self-improvement, so don’t clutter your mind with junk.

If your daily routines aren’t conductive to your goals, you need to rely on willpower for every action. Establishing daily routines raises your baseline level of productivity.

Your physical health is the third part of a solid foundation because achieving any goal will require energy. If your body isn’t in great shape, you’ll have less energy to invest every day. Think of your body as the fuel tank for any goal. The better shape you’re in, the more fuel you have to use every day.

All three of these goals are achievable, if you put the right effort and focus in. Even if you can’t achieve perfection in one of the goals (such as a disability preventing you from exercising, or a roommate making it difficult to stay organized), you can still make improvements through hard work. Often personal development goals require luck and timing to achieve, such as writing a best-selling book or boosting your income. However, these three goals are mostly within your control, making them an excellent starting point.