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Faq / December 26, 2022

The University of Georgia has announced a campaign to raise $500, 000 to build a home for former Southern University football player Devon Gales, who was paralyzed in a game against the Bulldogs in September 2015.

Calling the project "Build a Dawg House, " Georgia is looking to provide an accessible home to Gales, who suffered a career-ending spinal injury during a kickoff return.

Gales, who uses a wheelchair, has made Georgia his second football home since the injury. He received a standing ovation at halftime of the Georgia men's basketball team's victory over LSU on Saturday.

"I'm just grateful, " Gales told 104.5 FM ESPN Baton Rouge radio on Monday. "It takes a miracle. Everything they have done has just been remarkable. They took my family in like we'd been here already, like I was at Georgia. I'm just truly blessed."

Gales, who fractured his C6 vertebrae, has spent the majority of his time rehabilitating at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, where he lives with his stepmother, Tish, and his sister, Teah.

Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson donated $10, 000 to help the fundraising effort.

Watson, who played at Georgia from 2001 to 2003, tweeted about his donation Monday and encouraged other former Georgia players - such as A.J. Green, Todd Gurley, Malcolm Mitchell and Geno Atkins - to contribute.

Georgia received the NCAA Sportsmanship Award in recognition of its first-response care and subsequent support for Gales.

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