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How to Make Building Design?

Design Your Own Home / November 19, 2017

building-portfolio-1Two years ago, I was finishing my last semester of college and preparing for the seminal moment in a design student’s life: portfolio reviews and finding a job. And even though I was finishing a degree in graphic design, I was looking for a full-time job as a UX/UI designer.

But it was a painful process. I got a lot of rejection emails and made a lot of mistakes. Now that I’m building a company that creates new UX designers on a daily basis, I can look back at my old portfolio and pass on those lessons learned. Here are 8 things that I got right and wrong.

6. Make your portfolio easy to navigate

Today, I have to conduct user interviews, meet with stakeholders, design a sticker, approve a UI change, prototype some concepts for a new feature, and review the last 20 resumes that’ve come in.

I have to quickly separate the good portfolios from the bad.

I have—at best—2 minutes per portfolio.

“Your portfolio should be easy to browse on mobile.”

I’ve seen beautiful, neat, innovative work. I’ve seen designers experiment with interesting layouts and wonderful site designs. But if I find myself lost—if I can’t navigate your site quickly and easily, I’m frustrated.

building-portfolio-2 building-portfolio-3 building-portfolio-4 building-portfolio-5