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Design Your Own Home / April 19, 2023

Bluebird House plansBuilding bluebird nest boxes is a great way to help conserve birds at the local level. Nest boxes help maintain bluebird populations that have declined by as much as 90%.

Below we have included free bluebird house plans, a simple one-board box that's relatively easy to build.

Building and mounting them properly will help deter predators and competing species. Below you'll find some great links to information about bluebirds and free bluebird house plans.

Note that there are several different designs including NABS, Peterson, Loren Hughes Slot, DANDR, Troyer, Gilwood Carl Little and Gilbertson house designs, just to name a few, and slight dimension differences (hole size) for eastern, western and mountain bluebirds.

How To Build Bluebird House Plans Video

Below are some great books about bluebirds, life history and how to attract them to your backyards for feeding and nesting:

Below is the one-board nest box plan for bluebirds from the USGS:

USGS Bluebird House Plans Using One Board

gilbertson bluebird house plansAnother one-board bluebird house plan is (pdf).

More Bluebird Nest Box Plans:

- These plans use air-gap construction and heat convection to draw cool air into the nest box on hot days. When the temperature gets into the 90s during the summer months, birdhouses can get dangerously hot inside for eggs and chicks.

- Here you will find recommended bluebird nest box specifications as well as 5 other styles of plans. This is one of the best sites for information on bluebirds and nest box plans.

tree swallows using our bluebird house- A Nest-Box Plan for Western and Mountain Bluebirds This is a fairly easy box to build. The large roof provides extra protection from rain and predators.

- A nest-box plan for cavity-nesting songbirds. Can be used for Eastern Bluebirds, flycatchers, swallows, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, and wrens.

Any of the above blue nest box plans will likely attract bluebirds. The most important element is getting the entrance hole size correct, especially to eliminate larger pest birds such as starlings from using the box.

For a round entrance hole, eastern bluebird boxes should be 1 1/2 inches in diameter and 1 9/16 inches for mountain and western bluebirds.

Eastern bluebird houses can also have a 1 3/8 x 2 1/4 inch vertical oval hole or a 1 1/8 inch horizontal sparrow-resistant slot entrance at the top front of the box

You can then follow our general information and tips on regarding placement, wood type and thickness, ventilation, predator prevention and more.

western bluebird nesting in natural tree cavity nikon monarch binoculars for birdwatching best squirrel proof bird feeder no batteries required

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