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Bathroom Remodeling: the main nuances

Design Your Own Home / December 26, 2022

The lack of usable space in modern apartments is pushing owners to change the standard layout. Any idea can be easily realized, having a specific plan and the necessary finances. Therefore, you can change the device of the bathroom. If you do not want to bother, you can seek advice from bathroom remodeling in Houston.

Before redevelopment, a number of important rules should be considered. There should be no living rooms under the bathroom - the rules provide for the location of so-called “wet rooms”. The norms state that it is allowed to use only non-residential spaces for expansion, such as corridors, storage rooms, and other utility rooms. Remodeling of the bathroom at the expense of the kitchen, living room and bedroom is possible if the basement is located under the apartment.

Sewerage draining transfer -reconstruction of the entire bathroom may require moving of the toilet location and, accordingly, the drain. All these measures should not be carried out at the expense of residential premises.

The floor level in the bathroom should be lower than the floors of residential premises - this measure protects neighboring rooms from flooding, at least gives time to fix the problem.

The entrance to the bathroom cannot be equipped from the living room - for reasons of sanitary and hygienic standards, the entrance to the bathroom in most cases is arranged through the hallway.

Attaching a part of a ventilation or sewage shaft to this room is unacceptable - in addition to the risk of violating the integrity of communications, there is a risk that, through its actions, it may affect non-owned technical areas.

Waterproofing floors is a mandatory procedure, especially if additional territory is to be connected to a new bathroom.

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