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Build Your new home

Build Custom Home / September 8, 2022

Highland HoustonBuilding your new home is, quite literally, making a dream come true. Yours.

Creating your new home takes a team of trained professionals focused on your needs. One trade contractor will complete a step in your home, then hand-off to the next contractor — all under the direction of your builder’s construction superintendent. He or she will manage these hand-offs, ensure quality work, and make sure that all parties involved adhere to the schedule.

The key members of this team will work closely with each other and with you to handle construction each step of the way, creating your new home.

The Developer

New Home 101Everything to do with building your home starts with the land. Real estate developers are constantly looking for available land (or property not yet on the market) that’s suitable for a new home neighborhood. That might be an open field, wooded land or a mountainous area with dramatic views.

A developer may invest years — and large amounts of money — patiently acquiring individual parcels of land from many owners, assembling the final building site for a large new home community.

The developer creates an overall plan for the community that includes the type of homebuyers to target and thus what types of new homes to build. Based on this information, the developer then selects builders for the new community and creates a detailed master plan that identifies the size, type, and price range of new homes to be built.

Next, the developer will prepare the site for building. In many cases, the first step is obtaining entitlements — government approvals needed to build on the property. The site may need to be re-zoned for single-family and/or multi-family homes.Homebuilding And since new homes bring an influx of new students, the local school board may need to sign off on the project.

Once the neighborhood’s master plan has been approved, the developer will have the land graded for proper drainage and erosion control and install the community’s roads and underground infrastructure such as water, sewer and utilities. Next, come streets, curbs, sidewalks, street lights, signs, and fire hydrants — all the important details that create a community, which builders and ultimately homeowners will share and rely upon.

The developer may also provide community amenities — such as a community clubhouse, pool, fitness center, walking trails, playground or even a dog park.

When these steps have been completed, the developer generally sells so-called finished lots to home builders who are approved to build in the community.

New Home Under Construction 4One of the builder's first tasks in a new master-planned community is to finalize a library of new home plans to be built. These are based on the target buyer, the agreed-upon price range, the region of the country (home styles vary dramatically from Phoenix to Boston, for example) and the topography of the land. Hence one of a builder's first decisions after agreeing to build in a given new home community is what types of homes to build there. Which leads us to.

The Architect

Once builders purchase finished lots, they work closely with an architect, who may work directly for the builder or for an architectural firm the builder selects. In either case, the architect will design new home plans (or tailor existing plans) to work well on these lots.

Today’s new homes are designed with features most buyers want — such as open kitchens, higher ceilings, larger master bedrooms and baths, bigger closets and plenty of storage space throughout the home.

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